My Favorite Sugar Scrub


I am a summer baby, I love heat! New England winters do not agree with me. The cold dry air always wreaks havoc with my body, especially my skin. Since I can't have a summer glow year round, I've adapted and found ways to make winter more tolerable: DIY sugar scrubs!

Sugar scrubs are a cheap, effective way to exfoliate skin and help lock in moisture. For years I've been looking for a long-term solution to my dry-skin woes, especially in the winter. Two years ago, I discovered sugar scrubs. I looked into store bought versions, but the price and lists of unrecognizable ingredients turned me off. So I found some DIY recipes and tried them out. I've customized my recipes over the years. It's really simple and I have all the ingredients in my pantry; sugar, oil and essential oils.

I use my sugar scrub at least once a week, as part of my weekly home spa day. If my skin's feeling super-parched and scaly, I reach for the jar again when I'm in the shower. My skin has never felt so soft nor has it ever been so nourished and moisturized. I love it on my lips, hands and feet because they're usually the driest parts of me.

Here's my recipe
  • 1/2 cup of oil (olive, coconut and canola are my favorites)
  • 1 cup of white sugar 
  • A drop or two of your favorite essential oils (I use lavender and lemongrass oils)

Mix the ingredients in a glass jar. After you lather up and rinse off in the shower, take a bit of the mixture and gently scrub your whole body, taking special care of the sensitive bits. Store the leftovers in an airtight jar for next time. 

There you have it friends, go forth and enjoy soft, moisturized skin! With a sugar scrub in hand, my skin is nourished and can brave whatever the elements throw at me. Take that New England winter! Not bad for a child of the Warm Heart of Africa (Malawi for those of you who are uninitiated).