Process and Reflection: Creating Kwa Nanju


I am a perfectionist. My strive for perfection affected the process for creating this blog. As I'm sure you can tell, I'm new to blogging. Turning my idea into a reality has been such an adventure already. I went from a clueless dreamer to skilled newbie blogger. I've created a masterpiece that I can admire and build on some more.


So, setting up a blog seems easy right? Come up with a topic, pick a platform, set up an account, and in less than five minutes you can set up a blog voila - you're a blogger! That's only half the story. It’s one thing to create a blog and have amazing content ideas. But getting a blog to display your content exactly how you want is an entirely different story.

My blogging nightmare began when I decided to switch from Wordpress to Blogger. I made the switch because I wanted the freedom to personalize my design template. I quickly realized that if I wanted to customize my design template, I needed to learn some basic CSS and HTML. Did I have any experience with either? Ayi (no).

Path to Enlightenment

Like any newbie, I took to Google to find some fool-proof resources. I found all the tips I needed, and then some. Everything from tips on how to format a template, add custom CSS and HTML codes to content creation and basic blogger housekeeping. Eh, friends, when counting your blessings please don't forget to add Google. There's an abundance of free resources on the internet. Learning a new skill is literally at your fingertips so seize the opportunities and make it happen.

Lessons Learned

So what have I learned during the process? Perfectionism isn't all bad. Having a clear idea of what I wanted gave me the guts to follow through and make it happen. Had I not listened to nagging voice in the back of my head, I wouldn't have stumbled onto some great resources. My OCD tendencies also helped reinforce some practices that I'm trying to cultivate: ambition, persistence, goal-setting and starting.