Kwa Nanju Has A New Look


Creating responsive web design
I’m getting a little more technical in today’s blog post. Kwa Nanju has a new look and I want to share how I made it happen. It’s been a lengthy, frustrating process, but it’s also so eye-opening and pretty rewarding. I love the new look and think it makes my blog more attractive and user-friendly. 
My blogging platform is Blogger. I picked Blogger over Wordpress because I wanted creative flexibility at a low cost. Blogger’s offers more versatility and room to create my own unique experience/blog. The first template I used was the Simple Template, it was my blank slate. I customized the template a whole lot and was happy with the results. But, no masterpiece is ever complete. 
I liked how the blog looked on computers, but I wasn't too pleased with how it looked on smaller screens. I was using a custom mobile template with a navigation menu that didn't really fit my theme. I wanted my blog to look and feel the same no matter what screen size I read it on.  I searched high and low for ways to make my mobile responsiveness dreams come true, with no luck. Recognizing my limits, I went to the google genies and found two themes that I loved: Voux and Minimal
I settled on the Minimal template. This template is my responsive web design dream come true! It was easy to install and ready to go in just a few clicks. Unfortunately, I had to sacrifice versatility. Changing the font, colors, or text alignment is a bit more complicated, I have to edit HTML to do so. Another minus is that the instructions didn't come with image sizes. I’ve had to make a few compromises, but I worked through most of the glitches and am satisfied with the results.
What do you think of my new look? Let me know :-)

Image source: Wikipedia