Woza Friday | Five Home Workout Resources


5 sites to get workouts to do at home or outsideI’m not a fan of gyms. The idea of leaving home or the great outdoors to go get sweaty on equipment other people have left bits of themselves on doesn’t appeal to me.  I’m most motivated to workout if I’m in an environment I feel comfortable and free in. So I run, practice yoga, and do circuit training at home or outside. I prefer bodyweight only workouts. My body has everything I need to get a good workout without fancy tools or extra frills.  Since I’m not a fitness pro yet, I use workouts from various sites online. Here are a few of my favorite workout sites: 
  1. FitnessBlender is my go-to for cardio and strength training. They have a variety of workouts and workout plans for just about every fitness goal. They have hundreds of videos available for free on youtube and their website. Use their website to search for workouts based on what body part you want to target, how much time you have, and how much of a challenge you’re up for. 
  2. Yoga with Adriene has helped me deepen my yoga practice in ways that I never imagined. I started with 30 Days of Yoga and now do a few videos every week. She’s got workouts for a whole slew of reasons; yoga for cramps, for tired legs, for gratitude, and just for yoga’s sake. This channel is great for beginners who want to start a yoga practice and don’t have access to a studio. 
  3. Joanna Soh has girl-next-door. She makes the idea of a cultivating a healthy balanced life accessible. Most of her workouts are short, fun circuits that you can do anywhere without too much equipment. Joanna addresses a lot of issues related to working out such as body image and nutrition. 
  4. BrettLarkinYoga is a new discovery for me. I’ve only done a few videos but have found them to be enjoyable and effective. Her videos push my yoga limits just a little, but ever so encouragingly. Her style of yoga just resonates with me. I’m looking forward to more of her videos.
  5. Blogilates is a bundle of strong, inspiring energy! Her site is great for learning about pilates, or getting some quick body-sculpting workouts and healthy eating tips. 
Lesson of the day: There are so many different types of workouts you can do in the comfort of your own home. All you need is your body, creativity and access to the internet. Of course, approach all forms of workout with caution and care. Always listen to your body and consult an expert if you’re having workout issues. 

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