Back from my blogging hiatus


Settling into life back home. That’s right, hello from a completely different continent, country, and city! I moved back to Malawi - my homeland, last month. My life has been a mess of jet lag, getting settled and resettled, and reorienting myself to life back home. I’m experiencing lots of things - some familiar and some not, and some a mixture of two.

Experiencing culture shock. Before I made the move, I anticipated that there’d be quite an adjustment period. I’ve heard of reverse culture shock but thought I’d be spared – moving home should be easy peasy. But eish, the culture shock hit me like a moving train! It’s unsettling; I feel more like a foreigner than a native. I am a local but don’t think or act like one quite yet. How I relate to my environment has changed because my perspective on things also changed. 

Brushing up on my language skills. Another shocker - my Chichewa is not as good as I thought it was. The first couple of weeks, I barely spoke any. I couldn’t quite keep up with conversations and had trouble speaking with full ease. Since I spoke with the same group of people (my family) all the time, my Chichewa vocabulary wasn't complex enough. I'm slowly retraining my tongue and am relearning my own language. 

Delighted that my sister and I are in the same country.  We haven’t lived together for 15+ years. I’m getting all the bonding time I can get. I don’t know what I do without my sister, especially right now as I’m adjusting to my new circumstances. It helps to have someone that’s been through it all there to guide and offer support. 

Disoriented. I moved back to a city where I spent part of my childhood. I have some memories of the place, but everything seems to have shrunk! The city feels smaller and places that I thought took up more space don’t anymore. The character of the city hasn't changed much, but some things are noticeably different. I’m adjusting to all the changes now and have started exploring little by little. Every single day I experience some kind of deja vu, it’s so exciting!!

Brainstorming new content for my blog. Now that I’m more settled, I've been convening with my muses and am finding lots of inspiration. My kitchen situation is a little funky right now so I’ve been forced to innovate. Who would've thunk it, necessity really is the mother of invention! Adjusting to my new normal has also created room for plenty of reflection and introspection. Lot’s going on in Nanju-land right now and I can’t wait to share!