New Beginnings… scratch that, replace with Intentions

New beginnings suck. I look at new beginnings as fresh starts - ones that ignore the baggage that came before hand. Intentions on the other hand take the good, the bad, the audacious and the  overwhelming all jumbled into one. If I don’t acknowledge and accept the past, how can I be fully present and and start taking steps towards the future? That’s what an intention manes to me. I like intentions.

Rant over.

Now what does this mean for my blog? It is my intention that
  • I will write every week. That means 1 blog post per week for a while. Not committing to anything because that doesn’t work for me.
  • I’ll write whatever I please. When I started this blog, I was trying to do all the things. Aiming for all the readers and the best content out there. Turns out that was a bit too ambitious for me. I’m going back to basics and writing whatever I feel like doing.
  • I won’t be too hard myself if the two other intentions don’t work. THIS IS NOT A COP OUT. Writing is hard. If I can’t bring myself to write every week, I’ll accept it and move on. Life gets

See you next week :)