How to Fall in Love with Your Life

Choose to love_ kwananju.comA dear friend shared this quote and it resonated with me. The last year or so has been rocky. Right now, my future doesn't seem to be any smoother.  When faced with uncertainty, I am usually negative, anxious and obsessive about fixing things. If you don’t know, being pessimistic and anxious is both depressing and freaking exhausting. I think there’s a way to find balance and Kerouac is onto the formula.  I’m pretty fed up being unhappy, I'm choosing to invite more unconditional love into my life. 

Finding Balance

I'm struggling to find balance and a way to reconcile the negative with the positive.  In theory, choosing to love means accepting a certain level of unconditionality. Life is what it is and you accept whatever comes without too much attachment. I often hear people say that what you feed grows. To me, this means that I have control over what sentiments I choose to cultivate. I think that choosing to love my life means honoring all my emotions. Taking the both the bad - stress, anxiety, and anger -  and the good - being present, happiness, balance. 

Choosing Love

I’m going to focus on things that make me fall in love with life. My guiding intention is this: I choose to take create a space to cultivate and e explore self-love. Some examples are this blog,  my relationships, my kitchen, running, HIIT, and yoga. 

It’s important to note that choosing to love life does not mean you get to ignore all the bad things that are there.  Rather, it means mindfully accepting all emotions as they are and not them to overpower you. Remember, only you can decide how you feel and how you relate to your emotions. 

Practicing Love

In practice,  I'm committing to giving the negative a time limit. I'm going to limit the amount of energy I devote to dwelling on those feelings. Once my timer goes off, I'll move on. I know this all sounds too good to be true, but, I believe that I have the power to choose how my feelings will affect me. The way I see it, I have two choices: go with my default or rebel by embracing the craziness without judgement. 
Pessimism and optimism are choices. Falling in love with life means making a choice to find balance and honor those feelings. It won't be easy, but I figure that if I remind myself often, cultivating a love for my life will soon become a habit.  

A challenge for you

I challenge you to find inspiration to embrace a love for your life.  Or at least, commit to a practice that allows you to explore what loving life means to you. Let me know how this process goes for you or if you think I've gone too far down the loony end.