5 Essential Tools for Graphic Design

A list of resources to use to create and edit images and graphics.
I’m no graphic design whiz. I have a certain look in mind for my blog posts, and realizing it with my limited skills requires a bit of creativity. Luckily, I’ve discovered a range of resources that make the task of creating graphics less daunting. This list is a collection of the resources I use most for my blog posts. The resources allow me to easily create and edit graphics with ease for free. 

  1. Canva is one of my favorite graphic design tools. It's user-friendly and has plenty of customizable templates. I use it almost every day at work to create pictures for social media and flyers. 

  2. GIMP is a free downloadable image editor that is used for photo retouching, image composition, and authoring. I don’t have the money to pay for Photoshop so GIMP is the next best thing. I’m still learning how to use it, I think it’s time well spent!
  3. Using images without permission can get you in some serious trouble. If you use images from around the internet for any purpose, make sure you have the right permissions. Either get permission directly from the source or use images that are in the public domain. Here's a list of 30 free stock photo resources.  
  4. Freepix is a library of free vector graphics. To use the vectors, download and edit them using your image editor of choice (I use GIMP). I scour the site frequently for backgrounds to use for posts. 
  5. Creative Market  is an online store for fonts, graphics, themes and more. Every week, the market offers 6 free goods you can download and use to your discretion. My favorite freebies are the fonts, I’ve also picked up some nice frames, icons, and patterns. 

Graphic design is a new passion of mine and it is one I’m excited to explore and cultivate. These programs give me the tools I need to explore the look I have in mind for this blog and realize it.