Welcome to Kwa Nanju

Hi, I'm Nanju! This is my creative space to explore some of the things I’m passionate about: food, DIY beauty and self-discovery. I’m barely an adult and like most people my age, am still figuring this out. As I figure things out, I’ll be cataloguing my experiences and the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

I improvise in all aspects of life and will be sharing some my favorite and most useful ticks and trips that I devise in the kitchen and beyond. Here what inspired me to write:

  • Food: I have a very odd relationship with food. I’m allergic to a lot of things and only found out two years ago. I’ve been slowly figuring out what to eat, how to prepare it and how to use food for healing. There will be recipes, rants, reviews, etc. of all of my food adventures in my kitchen and in other places
  • DIY Beauty: My experiences with allergens extends to my hair and skin. I’ve noticed that my skin reacts to what I eat and what I put on it. As such, I’ve had to drastically change my beauty routine. I’m still figuring out what works and plan to write my favorite recipes, tricks and helpful tips on hair and skin care. 
  • Life is an adventure: As I navigate this period of my life, I’m going to keep a journal of sorts so I can keep track of everything and hopefully help someone in need. Kwa Nanju is my tiny space in the world to process life and be introspective. 

Contact me: kwananju@gmail.com