Moisturize and Get Rid of Acne with A Greek Yogurt Mask DIY Greek Yogurt Face Mask
My skin rebels against me a few days every month. PMS is not polite, least of all the evidence of hormonal changes it leaves on my face.  To combat and prevent the offending spots and bumps, I make myself a Greek yogurt face mask whenever I see signs of their arrival.  Since I love to share, I'm going to give you my go-to recipe for a face mask. I use this mask and a few other tricks to keep my skin glowing, moisturized and blemish free. 

Grab your ingredients

The recipe I use is simple. A tablespoon of full-fat Greek Yogurt, a drop of tea tree oil and half a teaspoon of honey. All three ingredients have properties that rejuvenate skin and promote healing. Let’s facing, nothing ruins a selfie session like five strategically placed, hard to ignore zits. Thanks PMS! 

Why it works for me

I've discovered that the healing properties in all the ingredients help my PMS acne situation.  The lactic acid in Greek yogurt moisturizes, gives your skin a glow, and tightens skin pores.  Honey is a humectant; it helps prevent the loss of moisture to your skin.  According to, honey is also antibacterial (yay acne treatment and prevention!), antioxidant, soothing and clarifying. Tea tree oil has many of its own benefits, in this mixture it adds antimicrobial and healing properties. Say hello to silky smooth, clear skin!

The Process

To treat my skin, I apply the mixture to my face and neck. The first sensation is cooling, obviously because yogurt come straight from the skin. It’s cool on the skin and quite refreshing. For the next 20-30 minutes, I prance around the house trying to not  to lick the mixture off my face, because duh, honey and yogurt. Tea tree oil isn’t safe for consumption so I resist the temptation.

As the clock ticks away,  the Greek yogurt face mask adapts to your body’s temperature and begins to dry. Looking anything less than a hot, flaky mess is unavoidable at this point. Time to remove the mask comes when the yogurt is dry and starting to fall off. I like to use a warm cloth to wipe it off or rinse off if I’m in the shower. 

The Results

Folks, my skin has not been as blemish-free since before I became a teenager. The mask plus my body butter, a weekly body scrub and black soap keep my skin smooth, moisturized and spotless. Try it out let me know what you think. If you have any other tips for getting rid of acne and getting glowing skin, please share!