Practical Uses for Mason Jars Practical Uses for Mason Jars
I’m addicted to mason jars and glass containers. I use them around the house for just about everything I can. If it fits and can be stored in a mason jar, I will put it in a mason jar. Mason jars are affordable, fairly easy to find, and versatile. What’s not to love?

How I Discovered Mason Jars

I started using mason jars about three years ago. We had tons of leftover jars from a family wedding that summer. The centerpieces for all the tables at the wedding had glass jars and vases of varying sizes. After the wedding, it was either donate or throw them out. Naturally, I claimed a few jars and started experimenting.

Glass vs. Plastic

I’m not a fan of plastic, especially when it comes to food storage. Plastic isn’t really an option for my uses in the kitchen because I cook with a lot of spices. Spices tend to stain plastic and those stains don’t ever go away. Plus, plastic, even if it’s BPA-free, isn’t necessarily safe to microwave in. I also tend to use a lot of acidic foods, plastic doesn’t like lemons and vinegar.

Using Mason Jars for Food

When I first started using mason jars, I used them exclusively for smoothies. As my love for cooking developed (link to past article) and I started meal planning, I found more uses for them. I found that 2-cup and 1-cup mason jars helped me portion my meals to perfection. I put soups in the 2-cup jars and put yogurt parfaits, oats, and granola in the 1 cup jars. They’re also handy for serving tea or water - I don’t own many other cups or glasses because I can just use jars.

Using Mason Jars for DIY Beauty Projects

When I started experimenting with DIY beauty products, I found even more uses for mason jars. The main reason I use glass for beauty products is that it is aesthetically pleasing. Since I make a lot of things myself, I like having a consistent look around the house. I find that it's easier and safer to mix in glass (as opposed to plastic), especially if essential oils and heat are involved.

My collection of jars has grown because I use them for a lot of different projects. I have glass jars of varying shapes and sizes. Do you use mason or any other glass jars? What side of the glass vs. plastic debate are you on?