Exploring Minimalism | Changing Why & How I Shop

Less means more. I've been trying to define what enough means to me, and that first sentence is my first guide towards the right direction. I’ve made a conscious decision to reevaluate my shopping habits and my attachments towards my possessions. By changing my approach to consumption, I'm hoping to end up with fewer items, but a much deeper appreciation for what I have left.

Intentional Shopping

I've been examining the motivation behind why I shop. Before, my compulsive shopping habits left me feeling guilty, greedy, and resentful. As I've mentioned before, I felt compelled to have more stuff because I thought it would lead to more happiness. This left me with a lot of things I didn't need. Despite the abundance of stuff, I didn't truly value it and it didn't enrich my life in any way.

I keep reminding myself that clothing has two purposes: protection from the elements and decoration. Since I don’t need 100s of items to achieve both aims, I’m paring down my wardrobe and adding in things that fit my style. Practically, this means that I’m not going to buy because or can, or because it’s a good deal, or because I’m emotional.

$avings and Redistribution
I’ve been brainstorming ways to purge and simplify in a lot of areas in my life. I’m making this change because I think that a lighter life will allow me to appreciate everything I have. It’s important to seek out and fund experiences that enrich and add value to life. Shopping is one of those areas, but it needn't be the only one. Instead of shopping on impulse, I’m redirecting my funds towards more meaningful experiences. These include experimenting with food, more DIY beauty hacks, activities with friends, blogging, running and yoga!

Honestly, I know i'm still going to shop occasionally because I find a lot of pleasure in it. I’m developing my personal style and plan to invest in it with intention, planning and budgeting. In my next post, I’m going all in about my new aesthetic and reimagined wardrobe. Stay tuned!

Do your possessions ever inspire any strong emotions? Yes, no, maybe? How do you seek out opportunities to add value to your life? Let me know what’s on your mind.