My Blog Bucket List

blog post ideas and goals
I have a case of writer's block (as I'm sure you can tell by my silence). The last few weeks have been emotionally and physically tormenting. I'm still trying to get over them and am on the rebound. I haven't had much time to write or think really, so I thought I'd have a brainstorming sessions. Below are a few of the things I want to write about or do for my blog. Here's my blogging bucket list or a list of blog post ideas.

Goals/skills to learn

  • HTML and CSS: I've discovered an interest in web design, specifically for Blogger (my blogging platform) and want to learn more.
  • Become a GIMP master
  • Continue customizing my blog design
  • Create and stick to an editorial calendar
  • Learn more about graphic design
  • Basic photography skills


Post Ideas

  • Stuff I wish I knew about
  • My blogging toolbox
  • 30-day photo challenge
  • Why I work out
  • My fitness routine
  • How I cope with the blues
  • Things that inspire me
  • Date night ideas
  • My favorite blogs
  • My favorite essential oils
  • Cramp Survival Kit
  • How I take care of my hair (it took me a good 20 years to figure it out)
  • How I take my tea
  • How to use tea for healing
  • My kitchen essentials
  • Mason jar meal series
  • DIY Happy Hour
  • My favorite low-cost wines
  • Resources for living gluten free
  • Coping with a restrictive diet

There's no timeline here, just a list of goals and ideas. I'm purposely staying away from sticking to a specific timeline because my life is a little too unpredictable right now. Instead, I'm hoping that this list will be a catalyst for creating content for my blog and writing! Expect to see some of these posts on my

How do you get over writers block? Do you have any ideas to add to this list?