Cocktails with Nanju | The Ginger Gimlet

The Ginger Gimlet

I take limes seriously. I rarely make cocktails without some not-so-subtle hint of lime. Just like my caipirinha, this beverage - The Ginger Gimlet - has more than just a touch of lime. It also has a special guest star: ginger syrup! Ginger is one’s also got three ingredients: liquor, lime juice, syrup. This gimlet's special because of the instead of using a simple syrup, I use a homemade ginger syrup. 
Today’s liquor of choice is gin. Gin is a delicious spirit derived from distilled grain or malt, flavored with juniper berries, and occasionally, other botanicals. There are four main styles of gin, London Dry, Dutch Genevar, Old Tom and Compound; find out more here. My choice of gin is Farmer’s Botanical, a small batch organic dryish gin. 

I perked up the flavor of the gimlet by using ginger syrup. Ginger is one of my favorite flavors so adding it to the bunch was no trouble at all. I took a risk and added it, and was quite impressed with the results. The ginger helps balance the lime and gin flavors and adds a layer of complexity to the mix. 

Recipe | The Ginger Gimlet

To make, place all ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake. Strain into a glass (I used one of my trusty mason jars), garnish with a half slice of lime and serve.