I'm allergic to ALL THE NUTS

Earlier this week, my allergist informed me that I should stop eating nuts. ALL THE NUTS!! I'm no stranger to food restrictions, I've been through the whole elimination process before. I'm back to square one and struggling. My lists of forbidden foods is growing and I can't help but pout. It's not easy to stomach news that the foods that I love are in fact hurting me. It sucks.

I've known for about two years that I'm allergic to some nuts - namely peanuts and walnuts. When I first found out about my allergies, I made some lifestyle changes. Before you side-eye me, eating/cooking are a lifestyle. Cutting peanuts and walnuts out of my diet wasn't easy. But I did it. I found alternatives and modified recipes to fit my new diet. 

As with any lifestyle change, switching my diet completely was and continues to be a daunting task. I had just learned how to cook and adopted healthy food habits. But then, I got news that every time I ate, I was contributing to my unwellness. I became anxious about all things food related. I learned to scrutinize every food label and menu. I became picky about all things related to food. I taught myself how to quiz hosts at parties and waiters at restaurants. I came up with an elevator pitch explanation of my allergies to skeptics a. The whole process was depressing, frustrating, stressful, and exhausting.

Now I'm back in that nightmare. This business of cutting out nuts is making me relive an unpleasant time in my life. I have to re-adjust and get used to a new set of restrictions. I have to be hyper alert and cautious about cross-contamination. 

A more challenging task will be learning how to live without some of my favorite things. No more almond or cashew milks. No more nut-full granola or granola bars. No more thendo stew (almond chicken stew). I have to rework my favorite recipes and find substitutions. I can't make some of my go-to meals anymore because. 

Ultimately, I know that cutting out ALL THE NUTS will result in a healthier me. But I'm nervous and frustrated yet again. I've been through this before and did not expect to ever have to adjust to new allergies again.